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Welcome to AGRS, the leading Arizona cosmetic surgeon and med spa treatment resource. We pride ourselves on helping to introduce you to the best, most compassionate plastic surgeons and doctors in Arizona. After all, the doctor and facility you choose is the key to having a positive, uplifting, satisfying experience and transformation.

By starting your research with AGRS, you can greatly shorten the time it will take to do your research and find a doc for the procedure you’d like to have done. We offer information on cosmetic surgery, as well as laser aesthetic skin care and other minimally invasive services, most of which are taken care of in a luxury medical spa setting.

We team up with only the best doctors, to be able to offer you elite plastic surgery options, knowledge and care. We make getting in contact with your new doctor easy and effortless, by providing only the information you need. This allows you to get started today and speak with your new doctor. Personalized care is the key to being happy with your results.

Whether you’re looking in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa, we have an exclusive selection of the top surgeons, doctors and cosmetic surgery centers, as well as the best med spas and luxury resort services. These include the Valley’s best, most beautiful, clean facilities, with peaceful, tranquil music for healing and restoration.

Invasive Surgeries & Medical Procedures

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More invasive surgeries and medical techniques generally have a longer recovery time, but they offer you the opportunity for a faster, more comprehensive transformation. Find out more information on some of the most popular surgeries now: Breast Augmentation ScottsdaleLiposuction ScottsdaleRhinoplasty ScottsdaleFacelift ScottsdaleMommy Makeover ScottsdaleTummy Tuck Scottsdale

Minimally Invasive & Aesthetic Treatments

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Minimally invasive procedures and aesthetic medical treatments are usually much less complex, and commonly take place in a spa setting that is more relaxed. Recovery times are also commonly much shorter. Popular treatments include: Botox Scottsdale, Dysport Scottsdale, Laser Hair Removal Scottsdale, Skin Tightening, Dermal Fillers

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Our Best Advice For You: Get Started Today

It’s likely going to take some time to get an appointment and get in to see the doctor for your free consultation, so it’s very important that you get started with the process today, as in right now. Make the call, send the email, do whatever you have to do to get the transformation process rolling.

That way, you can have the confidence to sit down with your surgeon and tell him exactly what you want. Or, you can go to the medical spa and be certain about your choice of procedure, whether it’s a photofacial or chemical peel.


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