Look Your Best with a Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale, Arizona

Breast augmentation, medically termed augmentation mammoplasty, is known by many different phrases – breast implants and breast surgery (to name two). Over the years, many new techniques have emerged providing individuals with an option for each need – saline and silicone are two of the most popular choices.

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Breast lifts are also common, but don’t necessarily fall into the same category. Breast implants or other augmentation techniques are used by many moms, celebrities and anyone else looking to improve their confidence and appearance.

There are many different strategies and techniques to discuss with your surgeon. To be honest, there are many different shapes and sizes to discuss, which makes the decision process personal and personalized to fit your look and goals.

Depending on the surgery type, recovery time can be fairly minimal, but it’s a good idea to take it as easy as possible when bruising still is present. This means you’re still recovering and healing (so taking it easy and lay low is ideal).

To get way technical on you for just a minute or two, there are four common types of breast implant surgeries – the transumbilical (belly button), inframammary (under the breast), transaxillary (under the arm), and the periareolar (around the areola), each of which has their own benefits and downsides, so you’ll need to speak to your doctor.

Another very common question we get is, “can you breast feed after getting implants?” – the simple answer is it depends, depending completely on the type of surgery you’ve had done. Speak to your doctor to be sure of your outcome goals.

Last but not least, it’s very important to be working with the right kind of breast implants surgeons straight from the beginning. Liking your doctor and talking about what you want during your free consultation is the main key to being happy with your new assets. Starting with this foundation is the answer to being happy with your boob surgery.

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