Discover the Best Luxury Homes for Sale in Arizona Today

Discover the Best Luxury Homes for Sale in Arizona Today

High-end homes are beautiful, elegant, gorgeous. While some may be sprawling mansions, they certainly don’t have to be. Luxury and wealth comes in different forms. A smaller, Scottsdale loft can be just as satisfying as a larger Paradise Valley estate, depending on your goals, size of your family, and the phase of life you’re in.

AGRS is your #1 source for connecting you with the best, most luxurious properties, managed by expert, concierge-based real estate agents. They’re here to help you find the best primary residence or vacation home, by keeping your unique preferences in mind. Homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, lofts: the Valley offers many options.

Using a Concierge-Based Real Estate Agent

When you’re looking for the most personal, respectful, exclusive real estate buying or selling experience, using a concierge-based real estate group or agent is by far the way to go. Their experience, combined with their knowledge of the industry puts you miles ahead of using just any old real estate agent.

Personalized service is truly unmatched when working closely with an Arizona luxury homes real estate agent. A relationship-building meet and greet is usually the first step, commonly called a complimentary consultation. This is where your new agent will learn about you and your goals for buying your home.

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We believe in that personal touch that makes a difference. You’ve saved and you’re ready to buy. We’d be honored to be the group to lead you down that path, and help you find the home of your dreams in the location that suits you best.

Top 10 Cities, Towns & Areas for Luxury Properties

One of the true gems of the Valley, Scottsdale (#1) is known for it’s gorgeous golf courses, beautiful mountain homes, elite-level resorts and spas, as well as the night life that surrounds Old Town. The northern portion of the city has many high-end homes, tucked within gated communities among the mountains. This showcases unique, artistic, desert views.

Despite Paradise Valley (#2) being relatively small, this affluent area is home to nearly a dozen resorts, making it one of the top tourist destinations, as well as an incredibly luxurious location to live full-time. Speaking of which, PV is known for it’s incredibly natural, beautiful views and million dollar real estate properties.

Rio Verde (#3) is a master planned golf community, northeast of Scottsdale. It’s small, beautiful, and is an adult community, meaning a resident 55+ years of age is required to live in the home, and no one under 19 is eligible to live there permanently. While particular, it’s a wonderful community with high-end properties.

The town of Carefree (#4) is a quaint, upscale residential area, much quieter and more secluded than most other areas within Arizona. The area is home to 15 higher-end restaurants, all of which make a tasty treat for good food and entertainment. Less than 20 miles west of Bartlett Lake, it makes for a short trip to take out the boat.

If you’re looking for a luxury property in the city, Phoenix (#5) could be just what you’re looking for. Many high-rise apartments and lofts have been built in recent years, allowing for downtown living at an elite level. There are also many homes close by to the city, making it a diverse location for an unique living experience.

Chandler (#6) has grown quite substantially in recent years, becoming a prominent suburb of the Valley, as well as a beautiful vacation spot. Featuring gorgeous resorts, and many million dollar homes, the area boasts world-class golfing facilities, incredible restaurants, elegant shopping centers, and other fun activities.

A little farther south, Gilbert (#7) is a small town with an increasingly big city appeal. Forward-looking and family-oriented, the area serves as an unique location for clean, healthy living, especially for raising a family. The Arizona freeway system allows for access to Scottsdale within 30 minutes, not a bad commute.

Fountain Hills (#8) is an older community, with many elite, gated communities and higher-end landscapes. The iconic fountain was built in 1970 by Robert P. McCulloch. It goes off every hour, spraying water for about 15 minutes. When looking for your luxury home in Arizona, make sure to keep an eye out for the fountain.

Ahwatukee (#9) is referred to as an urban village, which is actually located within Phoenix. However, the area is quite separated, due to South Mountain and South Mountain Park. Known for fine dining and living, there are also three luxury golf course facilities as well, making this a wonderful, low-key community to settle down in.

Just over a 100 miles to the southeast of Phoenix, Tucson (#10) is a fairly mixed bag. Many of the luxury properties are in the northern part of the city, which some of the most exquisite being mountain homes with forever views. There’s plenty to do at the resorts, lovely hikes to go on, and an unique downtown area to explore.

Dream, Custom & Million Dollar Homes for Sale

There are dozens upon dozens of dream homes available in Arizona. Some of the top luxury communities and areas include Biltmore Estates, DC Ranch, Desert Mountain, Grayhawk, Power Ranch, and Troon North. Your dream home should be based on your unique personalities, your wishlist, and your budget.

Million dollar Arizona luxury homes are for sale, the most prestigious being in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix.

The other great news is, if you’re not happy with the existing properties available, we also have strong relationships with custom luxury home builders within the state, which allows you the opportunity to choose every aspect of your new home.

Building your own home allows you the flexibility to do what you like with the land you have available. Your true creativity can shine through when working with a group to build your custom property. Unique is fun, easy and there are endless possibilities.

Other Options: Rentals, Apartments & Condos

Not looking to buy a property just yet? AZ also offers unique luxury rentals, apartments and beautiful condos. Get the elite feel, without breaking the bank or committing to one property (just yet). Apartments allow for the best of both worlds: a lovely place to stay, while you continue your luxury homes search.

After all, a higher-end condo within AZ might even fit you best, depending on your lifestyle, your work schedule, and the goals you’re looking to accomplish with your property. There are many properties available. Speaking to your real estate agent is step number one.

If you’re into nightlife and going out, two lovely areas include Old Town Scottsdale and Mill Ave in Tempe. AGRS recommends renting or at least checking out the area and staying there briefly to understand the lifestyle, but it can be a great option for when you’re in that phase of your life.

How Long Does It Take to Find the Right Home?

Commonly, it can take weeks to months to find the best property for you and your family. If you have a current residence and are looking to simply move, keeping your home until your ready to move is usually your best bet.

However, don’t rule out finding your dream luxury home fast. We’ve heard many stories of clients finding their ideal home within a week and putting in an offer. From there, the process begins and can be wrapped up within a few weeks.

Here at AGRS, one thing we’ll always recommend you do is get started on your search immediately. Homes and offers move quickly, so you need to be on the lookout for what you’re after. It would be a shame to miss out on a property you really loved, simply because you weren’t looking yet. Keep an open mind and get started.

Is It Important to Live in a Gated Community?

Another one of the most common sets of questions we get is about gated communities and how important they are. Some people view this feature as a necessity, while others just note it as a nice side benefit. When it comes to your own property, you’re going to need to decide for yourself.

The way we like to look at it is that it does add some added security and peace of mind, but if you’re already living in a good, safe neighborhood, it’s not absolutely necessary. Plus, it can be a little convenient when you’re having guests over. If you’re asking us, opt for it, if possible, but don’t make it a deal breaker if your dream home doesn’t have it.

Arizona Doesn’t Have Any Beaches, Why Would I Want to Live There?

This great state is indeed landlocked, but it makes up for it with plenty of lakes, dozens of beautiful amenities, and the gorgeous weather. The summer’s are extremely hot, but dry, allowing for months of opportune swimming time.

Staycations are lovely, but Mexico and California are also a short flight away. Once many of our clients realize these benefits, and, also, the quick trip to the beaches, they’re happy to give that feature up for the Valley of the Sun living.

Looking for a Little Less Heat? Try Looking in Northern Arizona

Little do most people know, Arizona has a lovely northern region that’s about 20-30 degrees cooler on average. The smaller towns of Flagstaff, Pine, Strawberry, and more, are all excellent options for slower, cooler living.

Although, these cooler temperatures do mean snow. Some of our luxury clients opt for a home within the Valley as well as up north, in the higher country. This literally gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to region, temperature and location.

What are the Average Prices of a Luxury Home?

Even more important than looking at the median property prices, keeping your own budget in mind is the biggest key to being happy with your purchase. If money is no object, meeting your goals for what you want the property to offer is the next step. At the end of the day, your satisfaction with your new home is our top priority.

However, speaking of averages, according to Trulia (as of November 2014), the average listing price in Scottsdale was $860,708. For Phoenix, the average listing price was $308,862. And, for Paradise Valley, the average listing price was $2,401,759. Remember, these numbers are the average, and have many contributing factors.

Getting Started: Request Your Complimentary Consultation

While you could search endlessly online, we highly recommend getting in touch with our resident AZ luxury property real estate agent. By listening to your interests, must haves, wishlist, and any other goals you’d like to meet with your property, an expert agent will help you find your dream property fast.

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Today is the moment of change. Call above, or click to request a callback to setup your complimentary consultation. Working with the best, most elite real estate group will make it that much easier and more satisfying to find your new place to call home. Don’t wait, let’s get started today.


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