Exploring the Major Areas of Scottsdale, Arizona

Exploring the Major Areas of Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is one of the biggest and fastest-growing cities in the Sunshine State and is also considered a rich haven for prime real estate. The great thing about Scottsdale is that it has something to offer for everyone – there are upscale and affluent areas for those who wish to build contemporary, luxury homes and then there are also quaint and peaceful neighborhoods with lower cost of living and also more affordable home prices.

Whatever your budget and needs may be, Scottsdale definitely has something to offer you. If you’re thinking of moving to this city, it would be best if you are acquainted with its major areas first.

If you’re looking for the affluent section of Scottsdale with contemporary to avant-garde architecture, head over to North Scottsdale. North Scottsdale is a major residential area with a much higher price tag in terms of real estate. The lowest average price for homes in this part of Scottsdale is $650,000. Of course if you’re looking for something heftier on the bank account, you could always venture out to the modern mansions that cost $10 million dollars or more each. If money is no matter and you’re looking for an affluent neighborhood, North Scottsdale is the place to be.

The second major area worth looking at is the Old Town. If you’re in the mood for something rustic and Southwestern, the Old Town should be your first stop. This area of Scottsdale features remnants of old Southwest living.

The architecture and layout of this area echoes the bygone era of the old West in all its glory. If we were to pick a single word to describe the Old Town, it would be “confluence”. While it is true that the Old Town features a strong Southwestern feel, it’s also home to a variety of commercial establishments that would fit every taste. There are no shortages of small shops for curious tourists and if by chance you’re looking for high-end apparel, you can always visit the Fashion Square Mall.

The next area that you should definitely visit is the Shea Corridor, which can be accessed easily by driving across Shea Boulevard. There hasn’t been a lot of development in Shea Corridor in terms of residential properties but every now and then an enlightened developer comes in and creates something new and beautiful in this part of Scottsdale. The Shea Corridor is notable for its great resorts which cater to one of Arizona’s most powerful industries – tourism! Don’t forget to visit a resort in Shea Corridor before leaving Scottsdale so you can relax and unwind properly.

The last (but definitely not the least) is South Scottsdale. South Scottsdale is a middle class haven with plenty of activities for the whole family. This is also the place where you can find a robust nightlife if you’re interested in this type of entertainment. South Scottsdale is also home to relatively affordable residential properties – perfect for small families and people who have no need for extremely affluent or expensive homes.

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