A Glimpse at the Beauty of Maricopa County’s Paradise Valley

A Glimpse at the Beauty of Maricopa County’s Paradise Valley

When “affluent” is the order of the day, no other town in Arizona fits the bill more than the quaint and elegant Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley, which is flanked by well-known land forms like the Camel-back Mountain, is distinct for its undoubtedly Southwestern feel with a deep touch of contemporary and prosperous living.

There are generally two kinds of people who move in and settle in Paradise Valley: wealthy folks who are looking for a comfortable and simple locale, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro and people who have a natural love for the rustic, Southwestern landscape that surrounds the town of Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley’s humble beginnings can be traced back to the year 1880 when private land surveyors first laid their eyes on the scenic and peaceful landscape nestled perfectly between three mountains.

The first group of surveyors who took stock of what will be known as Paradise Valley in the future were amazed at the beauty of the place and reported back to their prospective companies as to what they have found. Soon enough, small clutches of families began moving in.

In the beginning, it was quite common for family homes to be extremely far apart – we’re talking about at least 5 acres of land in between homes! When the progressive city of Phoenix began formalizing its boundaries, the small community that had formed in Paradise Valley became anxious at the possible encroachment of their humble town.

It was in 1961 that the state of Arizona formally bestowed the title of town to Paradise Valley. What started out as a scenic area for a growing community had finally become a town with its own mayor! Seven years later, the political effort of the town had paid off and the formalized boundaries of the town were laid down. Encroachment of larger cities was no longer an issue and the town of Paradise Valley was happy again.

The success of Paradise Valley as a prime real estate haven is due to the continuous stream of upscale private landowners to the town. Today, having a home in Paradise Valley signifies definite affluence and private landowners and homeowners in this town are considered part of the elite.

It’s hard to disagree with these titles when you see the studded nightlife of Paradise Valley – this quaint town is spectacularly breathtaking because of the rich and contemporary architecture that marks a significant portion of all the houses built here.

If Phoenix boasts a massive population, Paradise Valley boasts a tiny one – there are only 12,000+ people in Paradise Valley at any one time. So if you’re looking for a rustic view with few distractions, this place is definitely a good choice!

Some of you might be thinking that living in Paradise Valley might mean “stepping out” of the modern Southwestern lifestyle. No – living here is actually an amazing way to maintain a peaceful life even if you have business elsewhere. Think of it as a cool, private oasis – everyone needs one!

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